5 Facts Railroad Lawsuit Asthma Is Actually A Positive Thing

5 Facts Railroad Lawsuit Asthma Is Actually A Positive Thing

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Railroad Cancer Lawyer: How to File a FELA Railroad Lawsuit

Federal Employees Liability Act (FELA) allows railroad workers exposed to toxic chemicals to make a claim. A knowledgeable lawyer for railroad cancer can review your case and assist you in pursuing compensation.

Benzene has been linked to non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in a number of studies. Creosote and the exhaust of diesel are also carcinogens and can be found in trains.


Benzene is used in many industries to make plastic as well as adhesives, dyes and solvents. It can also be found in gasoline, cigarette smoke, and has been linked to various health problems including acute myeloid lymphoma (AML) chronic lymphocytic Leukemia (CL) as well as Multiple Myeloma, and Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. People who work in the oil refining, shoe manufacturing and chemical industries are at a higher risk of exposure to benzene than other people.

Railroad workers are frequently exposed to a variety of carcinogens throughout the course of their work, such as diesel fumes, welding fumes, silica. If a railway worker develops an illness that is long-term or disease as a result of workplace exposure, they might be in a position to file a lawsuit under Federal law.

Napoli Shkolnik partner Patrick Haines has filed two cases in Fort Worth, Texas, against BNSF Railway, claiming injuries railroad workers suffered from toxic exposures while on the job. The plaintiffs two men and the female one, have claimed a variety of long term health issues, including lung cancer, leukemia, kidney cancer, and bladder cancer.

The lawsuits against BNSF assert the Railroad was negligent in not taking measures to safeguard workers from exposure to carcinogens like benzene. The lawsuits also claim that the Federal Employers Liability Act was in violation. This law was passed by Congress in 1908, to give railroad workers the right to sue employers for work-related illness and injuries.


Glyphosate, also referred to as a plant-protecting chemical, also known as herbicide is a common ingredient in crops. It is also an ingredient in Roundup which is a popular herbicide that is utilized by commercial and home gardeners. However certain studies have connected its use to specific types of cancer. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has stated that glyphosate "is not likely to cause cancer in humans." The World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer however, on the contrary however, has been more critical of this chemical and said it "probably carcinogenic."

A meta-analysis of four studies [17,2632] found an association between glyphosate and hairy cell leukemia. However the I 2 and P values were not high and heterogeneity wasn't statistically significant. Trim-and fill did not detect bias in publications. The meta-RR was 1.4 (95 percent CCI = 1.0-1.9).

EFSA carried out an assessment of the risks of glyphosate to human health in the European union pacific railroad lawsuit where it is classified as a substance that is active. In parallel, ECHA has carried out an assessment of the hazard associated with the substance. The two EU regulators have synchronised their work plans so that the results of both assessments will be considered when making a decision on the renewal of glyphosate's authorization.

The EPA requires herbicide producers to conduct a variety of studies focusing on the toxicological properties of the herbicide, environmental fate and potential for non-targeted adverse effects. The EPA also conducts formal risk assessments using these data. These assessments assess the probability of human health harm by analyzing biomonitoring of humans and food residues monitoring data, Railroad controls Limited lawsuit and using models of human exposure.


Creosote consists of chemicals that are used to treat and prolong the life of Railroad Controls Limited Lawsuit ties. It was used in a rail yard in Houston's Fifth Ward until 1984, and a plume of contaminant from the site has blown into a poor, largely black community living near. Creosote is to be a possible cancer-causing chemical, and residents have been fighting for the cleanup of the site for a long time.

In a recent railroad decision an ex-railroad worker has filed an action against his employer. He claimed that exposure to creosote and degreasing agents, as in other hazardous substances, caused him to develop the cancer. He claims that he was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome that eventually led to acute myeloidleukemia. The plaintiff claims he was responsible for picking up and dropping csx railroad lawsuit ties off, then installing them "soaking wet." He says that the chemicals soaked into his clothing and skin as he worked and he also claimed that he did not had the appropriate protective equipment.

The lawsuit also asserts that he suffered from burns to his feet, hands and head, as well as from bad eyesight and weight gain as a result of the medication he's taking to treat his condition. He also suffered from impotence as well as memory problems. If you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with leukemia, a lawyer can assist you in determining if the harmful chemicals present in your workplace could be the cause of your illness.


Asbestos was once a vital component of railroad operations even though it is now prohibited. Railroad workers exposed to asbestos or dealt with it were at a higher risk of developing cancers, such as mesothelioma and other pulmonary diseases. Asbestos fibres are so thin that they can travel through the body and eventually end up in the lungs. This can cause lung scarring, known as mesothelioma and asbestosis. It is a threatening lung disease that affects the lining of the lungs.

union pacific railroad lawsuits workers were exposed to dangerous chemicals like Creosote and benzene. Despite the dangers, certain railroad companies have omitted or denied asbestos-related risks for years. It may have been that asbestos was profitable, and they hoped employees wouldn't be able prove negligence.

If you have suffered from a disease or illnesses as a result of exposure to railroad materials should think about making a FELA claim. Compensation is a way to help injured workers and their families pay medical expenses and other financial loss.

A FELA lawyer can review your case to determine the maximum amount of compensation you could be entitled to receive. Contact a seasoned railroad accident lawyer today to set up a free consultation.


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